Staffordshire Pottery Figures for Sale (4)

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Staffordshire Pearlware Neptune figure
Pair Staffordshire Dalmatians on cobalt blue bases
Staffordshire Lilac cottage pastille burner
Staffordshire Pearlware cow creamer
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Pair Staffordshire black and white spaniel pitchers
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Pair Staffordshire bird on rocks figures
Pair Staffordshire deer with bocage figures
Staffordshire Pearlware Cottage Pastille Burner
Staffordshire Pearlware Deer with Bocage Figure
Staffordshire spaniels with pup inkwell
Staffordshire Pottery group of a travelling family
Pair Staffordshire Jackfield spaniel head window stops
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Pair Staffordshire pottery flower basket spaniels
Pair Staffordshire Pottery Pugs
Staffordshire praying lady figure
Pair Staffordshire Red Setters with wheat spill vases
Staffordshire Pearlware castle spill vase
Large Staffordshire Pearlware Pottery Flora Figure
Pair Staffordshire recumbent white & gilt spaniels
Staffordshire hunter & hounds spill vase
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Pair Kent Staffordshire Cats
Staffordshire Pearlware sheep figure
Staffordshire Pottery Recumbent Hound Figure
Staffordshire guinea fowl tureen
Pair Staffordshire cow & milkmaid/milkman spill vases
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Pair Staffordshire Jackfield cats with glass eyes
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Pair Staffordshire children with spaniel spill vases
Staffordshire pottery cockerel/rooster
Pair Dudson Staffordshire boy & girl with spaniels & kennels
Pair Staffordshire spaniels with flower baskets
Staffordshire Pottery Sir Robert Peel on horse figure
Walton Staffordshire Pearlware Ram and Lamb Spill Vase
Pair Staffordshire milkmaid & donkey figures titled, 'MILK'
Alcock Staffordshire dog & cat figure
Pair Staffordshire Children seated on recumbent spaniels
Pair Staffordshire spaniels with tongues out
Staffordshire Pearlware Harlequin bocage figure
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Pair Staffordshire cow with calf spill vases
Staffordshire Pearlware Mark Antony Figure
Wood Staffordshire Creamware Charity Figure
Items 121 to 160 of 543
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