Staffordshire Pottery Figures for Sale (3)

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Staffordshire Pottery Florence Nightingale Figure
Pair Staffordshire gilt & white 'chunky' spaniels
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Walton Staffordshire Pearlware cow & calf bocage figure
Staffordshire lion & lamb figure
Staffordshire Bulldog Head Box with Pewter Cover
Staffordshire Pottery dog with pups in basket figure
Staffordshire Pottery Pearlware 'St Peter' bocage group
Staffordshire dog on stool with pups
 Staffordshire sailors & cannon figure group
Pair Staffordshire russet & white leg free spaniels
Large Staffordshire Pottery Elephant Figure
Pair Staffordshire Prince Alfred & Prince of Wales
Pair Staffordshire russet & white spaniels
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Staffordshire Pearlware bocage 'Dandies' figure group
Staffordshire pottery Spaniel Smoking a pipe
Pair Staffordshire pottery pug dogs
Pair Staffordshire Pottery Cow Creamers with milkmaids
 Staffordshire 'Death of the Lion Queen' figure
Pair Staffordshire boy & girl with donkey figures
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Pair Staffordshire cow & milkmaid/man spil vases
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Pair Staffordshire Pottery Zebra Spill Vases
Staffordshire Pearlware Performing Lion
Staffordshire Pearlware Hound head stirrup cup
Staffordshire Royal child on spaniel figure
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Pair Staffordshire fox & lamb spill vases
Staffordshire pottery figure - 'Death of Lion Queen'
Staffordshire seated Irish setter
Staffordshire pipe smoking spaniel on blue base
Staffordshire Pearlware Sir Thomas Moore Wall Plaque
Staffordshire Prattware Josiah Wedgwood Wall Plaque
Staffordshire Pottery Dog with Pups in Basket Group
Pair Staffordshire children with fox & hen spill vases
Staffordshire Cinderella in Horsedrawn Carriage Figure
Pair Staffordshire Royal family with goat figures
Large Staffordshire hen on nest tureen
Staffordshire pipe smoking spaniel
Staffordshire General Simpson on horseback group
Pair Staffordshire horses & foal figures
Pair Staffordshire boy & girl with spaniel & bird
Large Pair Kent Staffordshire cow with milkmaid/milkman figures
Items 81 to 120 of 543
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