Staffordshire Pottery Figures for Sale (2)

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Pair Staffordshire King Charles spaniels with glass eyes
Pair Staffordshire Royal children on spaniels
Pair Staffordshire Pottery Spaniels with Pups
Pair Staffordshire stag & tiger spill vases
Pair Staffordshire cockerels/roosters
Large Staffordshire Otter hunter spill vase
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Pair Very Large Staffordshire Spaniels
Large pair Staffordshire St. Bernard's
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Staffordshire Cockerel/Rooster figure
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Large Staffordshire Prattware-type money box bank
Staffordshire Pearlware Bocage Pointer Figure
Staffordshire Pearlware Pottery Cow Creamer
Staffordshire Pottery Bust of John Wesley
Pair Staffordshire Pearlware Voltaire & Rousseau busts
Large Rare Staffordshire cow spill vase
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Rare Staffordshire pottery figure of a camel
Staffordshire Pearlware Pottery Cow Creamer
Pair Staffordshire russet & white 'chunky' spaniels
Pair Staffordshire recumbent spaniels with children
Staffordshire boy & girl on recumbent spaniels
Pair Staffordshire Pottery Diserali Whippets & Hares
Walton Staffordshire Pearlware 'Tenderness' group
Staffordshire pottery cat figure
Pair Staffordshire mastiff spill vases
Pair Staffordshire pottery figures of children on Disraeli St. Bernards
Staffordshire Pearlware Greyhound Box and Cover
Staffordshire Pearlware Cow Creamer
Staffordshire Prattware Cow Creamer
Staffordshire Pottery Rabbit figure - lop eared
Pair Staffordshire pottery spaniels, russet & white on blue bases
Large Staffordshire Pottery Poodle
Pair Rare Staffordshire recumbent whippets on cushions
Pair Staffordshire spaniel & pups inkwell
Pair Staffordshire Disraeli whippets
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Pair Staffordshire foxhound spill vases
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Staffordshire Prattware Pottery Cow Creamer
Staffordshire Bulldog Head Stirrup Cup
Staffordshire Pearlware Pottery Clock Watch Holder
Pair Staffordshire Pottery Children on Afghan hounds
Pair Staffordshire chunky green lustre spaniels
Items 41 to 80 of 723
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