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Cuhna Palissy Majolica oranges wall plate
Copeland Majolica gift-on-sleigh sardine box
Brownfield Majolica kitten with basket dish
Majolica fish cheese dome & stand
George Jones Majolica amphora vase
George Jones Majolica hawthorn with blossom cake platter
George Jones Majolica Magnolia flowers jardiniere
Copeland Majolica Cauliflower Teapot
Copeland Majolica lotus flower pitcher
Majolica Palissy Monkey & coconut wall pocket
Royal Worcester Majolica Dolphin Compote
APT Ware French Palissy Majolica lizard & snake charger
Holdcroft Majolica lobster & seaweed pate box with cover
Large Holdcroft Majolica fish and bulrush platter
Minton Majolica Mallard Game Pie Dish and Cover
Wedgwood Majolica dolphin and shell oyster plate
George Jones Majolica Shell and coral compote
George Jones Majolica Cobalt blue strawberry basket
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George Jones Majolica Squirrel Nut Dish
George Jones Majolica Mistletoe Epergne
George Jones Majolica sardine dish, cover & tray (Pink)
Holdcroft Majolica winged mermaid jardiniere
Brownfield (attributed) Majolica monkey & bird jug
Minton Majolica Basket with Grapes & Vines
Mintons Majolica Ivy vase
Large English Majolica frog jug
Minton Majolica Putti Posy Vase
Majolica Palissy Medusa vase with snake handles
Best Offer Available
George Jones Majolica pond lily strawberry server
Large Minton Majolica pictorial ewer
Minton Majolica Pineapple Jug/Pitcher
George Jones Majolica squirrel nut dish
Small Majolica Palissy snake wall pocket
Best Offer Available
Palissy Ware Majolica monkey wall pocket, by JFS
Majolica Palissy snake & bird nest wall pocket
Best Offer Available
George Jones Majolica Sardine dish, cover & stand
Minton Majolica squirrel nut dish
George Jones Majolica dog & fox tray
Best Offer Available
Pair Brownfield Majolica lady & gent with basket figures
Minton Majolica Vintager figural flower holder
Items 121 to 160 of 611
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